DiscountASP.NET Launches SQL 2005 Hosting and ASP.NET 2.0 Web Hosting

November 7, 2005 - Award-winning innovative Windows Hosting leader, DiscountASP.NET, announces the launch of SQL 2005 Hosting and ASP.NET 2.0 Web Hosting.

All DiscountASP.NET production web servers are installed with .NET Framework 2.0 and NET Framework 1.1 side-by-side. Customers can choose which framework they desire to develop against using a new real-time .NET Framework Chooser tool available in the DiscountASP.NET hosting control panel. With the introduction of the real-time framework chooser and side-by-side framework installation, customers have the freedom to switch to ASP.NET 2.0 without the assistance of DiscountASP.NET staff, and do not have to experience service disruption due to server migration.

Microsoft SQL 2005, the next generation in SQL database technology, is introduced as a new hosting add-on option. Customers can manage their SQL 2005 databases with Microsoft's newly released SQL Management Studio.

"DiscountASP.NET is committed to Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL technology. Our custom built, ASP.NET-powered hosting automation system is specifically designed for agility in introducing new technology," said Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing, "This week we announce the support of ASP.NET 2.0 in our production environment, and we are extremely proud to be one of a handful of hosts to introduce SQL 2005 on the same day that Microsoft officially released this exciting new product."

About DiscountASP.NET:
DiscountASP.NET is an award-winning innovative leader in advanced Microsoft Windows-based shared hosting, focused on providing the best value in ASP.NET web hosting and SQL database hosting. DiscountASP.NET is a Microsoft Certified Partner and featured ASP.NET Host in the Microsoft ASP.NET Hosting Advantage Program.

The DiscountASP.NET web hosting plan includes instant activation, access to custom-built ASP.NET-powered control panels, web hosting on secure and reliable ASP.NET platforms where each website is hosted in its own isolated application pool, and access to many free ASP and ASP.NET components.

Through strong word-of-mouth and their commitment to ASP.NET technology and innovation, DiscountASP.NET has become the choice for affordable and feature-rich ASP.NET web hosting.