DiscountASP.NET Extends IIS Manager with web.config Backup and Restore Tool and Feedback Tool

May 7, 2008 - DiscountASP.NET, a leading innovator in Windows 2008 hosting, announces launching two new IIS Manager UI extensions in public beta for customers.

web.config Backup/Restore module: This tool can backup a web.config file and can restore the web.config file.

IIS Manager Feedback module: This tool allows customers using IIS Manager to submit their feedback and suggestions.

"One of the key features with IIS7 hosting is the ability to delegate website configurations to users." said Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing at DiscountASP.NET. "Since our goal is to provide our customers with maximum control over their hosting environment, we chose to implement IIS feature delegation on our Windows 2008 shared hosting platform."

With the launch of Windows 2008 and Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, Microsoft introduced IIS Manager, a new IIS administration tool which provides end users with a familiar user interface to remotely manage IIS7 server configurations. Using IIS Manager, DiscountASP.NET customers can view settings and manipulate their web.config files for features that have been delegated to them.

"With the introduction of additional toolsets available to manipulate the web.config file, there is also increased possibility of accidentally overwriting the web.config file. We wanted to address this issue and by taking advantage of the IIS Manager extensibility model, we developed the web.config backup/restore tool." added Takeshi Eto.

The new IIS Manager UI extensions are launched as a public beta to get feedback from customers. To facilitate feedback submission, an IIS Manager Feedback module was introduced, where customers can send feedback and suggestions directly to DiscountASP.NET from within IIS Manager.

About DiscountASP.NET:
DiscountASP.NET is an innovative leader in Microsoft Windows hosting, focused on providing the best value in ASP.NET hosting and SQL database hosting. A Microsoft Gold Certified partner, DiscountASP.NET is one of the first hosts to offer Windows 2008 shared hosting. Through strong word-of-mouth and their commitment to ASP.NET and SQL technology, DiscountASP.NET has become the choice for affordable enterprise-class ASP.NET web hosting. For more information, visit www.DiscountASP.NET.

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