DiscountASP.NET Control Panel

We built our own comprehensive account and website Control Panel from scratch. Most hosts license third party control panels, which is certainly easier than building one. But using a third-party control panel also means you're at the mercy of the control panel company when it comes to updates.

Because we built and maintain our own Control Panel, we can introduce new features and technologies without waiting for a third-party to update their product. That means faster access to new technology for you, and the flexibility to quickly make changes or add things that you want or need.

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DiscountASP.NET Control Panel features

  • Control Panel API
  • Contact information management
  • Password changes
  • Email management
    • Disable/enable email service tool
  • Important account information summary
  • Disk space & bandwidth usage meter
  • Billing history, invoice
  • Credit card update
  • User/permission manager (password protection)
  • User quota manager
  • Web stats/raw log management
  • Web application starting point control
  • Scheduled task tool
  • DNS manager
  • SSL manager
  • Advanced IIS web server management
    • Site start/stop tool
    • Application pool recycle tool
    • ASP.NET version chooser
    • PHP version chooser
    • Custom error page control
    • Directory browsing control
    • Default Document control
    • Custom MIME type
    • Pipeline mode selector
    • MS IIS Manager
      • IIS Manager user access control
      • Enable IIS Manager UI extension
    • FTP manager
      • FTP stop/start
      • FTP IP restriction IP whitelist/blacklist
      • Real time FTP session display/disconnect
  • Web application gallery
    • 1 Click install of .NET/PHP web applications
  • Web Deploy publish settings generator
  • MS SQL manager (for SQL 2019, 2017, 2016, SQL 2014, 2012)
    • SQL disk space meter
    • SQL login password update
    • Additional SQL login manager
    • SQL database backup tool
    • SQL database restore tool
    • Shrink SQL database tool
    • Attach MDF file tool (facilitates local SQL/SQL express transfer to hosted SQL database
  • SQL 2012 Reporting Services manager
    • Add/remove report users
  • Company news & news archive
  • Ability to log into multiple account Control Panels with single login

Try the Control Panel demo

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