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nopCommerce is an open source e-commerce solution with comprehensive features that are easy to use for new on line businesses, yet powerful enough for the most demanding e-commerce expert. It is secure, scalable and extendable. nopCommerce requires the SQL database add-on.

A one-click installer for nopCommerce is available in our Web Application Gallery.

Since nopCommerce is a powerful and flexible application, it isn't surprising that it is also resource intensive. While older nopCommerce versions and small stores perform well on DiscountASP.NET shared hosting, the most current versions of nopCommerce require more server resources to run optimally for active storefronts.

DiscountASP.NET recommendsEverleapFor large or busy nopCommerce sites, we recommend using our cloud hosting platform Everleap. Everleap is perfect for resource intensive applications, offering scaling options that are not possible at DiscountASP.NET, including running your nopCommerce site on its own private SSD-powered Cloud Server, with up to 4 GB RAM.

To see a nopCommerce demo running on Everleap, go to

We can move your nopCommerce site to Everleap, or we can do a fresh install of nopCommerce for you. You can try Everleap free for 30 days.

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