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SpamExperts is a leading provider of easy-to-use email security solutions. The following SpamExperts service is available at DiscountASP.NET:

Email Inbox Filtering

SpamExperts Inbox Filtering can be ordered in Control Panel for only $5 a month.

  • Per domain pricing
    Unlike most spam filter solutions, instead of charging you per email user, this solution comes at a low monthly price per domain.
  • Say goodbye to spam
    The SpamExperts spam filter engine will scrub your incoming emails and take out spam, viruses, phishing and other malicious email messages.
  • Daily quarantine reports
    You get daily reports emailed to you with a list of quarantined emails.
  • SpamExperts Management Portal
    SpamExperts provides a user-friendly management portal with a comprehensive tool set for managing all aspects of your email security.
  • Advanced quarantine options
    You can check on the status of any email that has passed through the SpamExperts system.
  • Easy whitelisting and blacklisting
    SpamExperts makes it easy to whitelist and blacklist individual users or entire domains.
  • Email log search
    If you believe that you are missing an email, you can search through your email logs. Quarantined emails are kept for 28 days.

SpamExperts Inbox Filtering can be ordered in Control Panel for only $5 a month.

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See what DiscountASP.NET customers have to say about SpamExperts

"I'm really enjoying SpamExperts. The amount of spam reaching my inbox has been dramatically decreased and the amount of control the software gives is great!" - D. Ric-Hansen

"I just wanted to let y'all know how pleased I am with SpamExperts. I've needed something like this for a LONG TIME! Thanks for including it in your offerings." - D. Bakkom

"I love it!!!! It has stopped all the spam emails coming into my inbox... I also like the report that comes through so I can have a quick look if there is anything in there I should have received." - K. Lever

"It's working excellent. We were going out of our minds before this solution stepped in and fixed everything. So thanks! I haven't seen it quarantine anything that was actually valid email yet. So I think it works perfect." - R. Petrik

"My email was being inundated with spam. Since adding SpamExperts 95%+ has been filtered out." - M. Hiltibran

"The SpamExpert is wonderful!!!!! What a mess my email was without it. So grateful to you for making this an option for us." - J. Cross