DiscountASP.NET Launches Standalone Team Foundation Server Build-as-a-Service Solution

October 22, 2013 – DiscountASP.NET, a hosting solutions provider for Microsoft developers, announces the launch of standalone fully-managed Team Foundation Server (TFS) Build solutions in their USA-based data center.

The standalone TFS Build service provides a hosted solution for businesses that may run their TFS repositories on-premises but lack IT resources to manage and customize their TFS Build environments. The TFS Build-as-a-Service is also a solution for businesses that use other TFS hosting solutions, such as Microsoft Team Foundation Service, and require a more customizable or complex build environment.

"Based on recent inquiries and suggestions, we are happy to introduce our standalone TFS Build-as-a-Service offering," said Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing and Business Development at DiscountASP.NET. "With this new service, we can host an important piece of the application lifecycle management process even if the customer doesn’t host their TFS source code repositories with our service."

Some of the benefits of the TFS Build-as-a-Service solution include:

Private Instance: The build server is not shared with any other customer.
Fully-Managed Solution: Server and software maintenance and updates are handled by DiscountASP.NET.
Server-Side Customization: Customers can have other software or frameworks installed on the build server.
Customized Test Framework: Customers can have any test framework they require installed on the build server.
Code Signing Certificate: Applications requiring a code signing certificates are supported.
FTP/WebDav Access: Customers have direct access to download builds via FTP or WebDav.
Deployment from Build Server: Customers can deploy directly from the build server.
Complex Build Environments: Complex environments with multiple build servers and multiple build agents can be set up.

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About DiscountASP.NET:
DiscountASP.NET is a leader in hosting solutions for Microsoft developers. A Microsoft Partner with the Gold Hosting Competency and a Visual Studio Partner member, DiscountASP.NET offers both shared and managed Team Foundation Server hosting solutions. As a leader in cutting-edge ASP.NET web hosting, DiscountASP.NET supports the latest Microsoft web stack. For more information, visit www.DiscountASP.NET

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