IIS Manager

DiscountASP.NET is proud to be one of the first ASP.NET Hosting providers to embrace and support IIS Manager. IIS Manager is an IIS administration tool which provides end users with a familiar user interface to remotely manage IIS server configurations. Using IIS Manager, DiscountASP.NET customers can view settings and manipulate their web.config files for features that have been delegated to them.

With the launch of Windows 2016 hosting and IIS 10, DiscountASP.NET continues to support IIS Manager as well as new features such as Dynamic IP Restriction, WebSockets, and node.js.

DiscountASP.NET IIS Manager UI Extension Modules

Taking advantage of the IIS Manager UI Extensibility model, DiscountASP.NET has developed and launched our own IIS Modules. The following UI Extensions are available as a beta to all our Windows hosting customers:

web.config Backup/Restore
This tool can backup a web.config file and can restore the web.config file.

Global Assembly Cache (GAC) Viewer
This tool allows customers to view and obtain details of the server-side global assembly cache assemblies.

Feedback Module
This tool allows customers using IIS Manager to submit their feedback and suggestions.

Microsoft IIS Manager UI Extension Modules

DBManager 1.0 with SQL Backup/Restore
This tool allows customers to manage local and remote databases from within IIS Manager. Once connected, IIS DB Manager provides an array of functionalities including managing tables, views, stored procedures and data as well as running ad hoc queries. DiscountASP.NET further enhanced the user experience through integrating a SQL Server backup and SQL Server restore solution within the DB Manager interface.

IIS Smooth Streaming
Smooth Streaming enables adaptive streaming of media to Silverlight clients over HTTP.

Web Deployment Tool (MS Web Deploy)
This tool allows developers to package their web application configurations and content, and to use the packages for both deployment and archiving. Because we support feature delegation, DiscountASP.NET customers can deploy their application packages to the web using IIS Manager without requiring administrative privileges, including the ability to set folders as an application starting point.

Failed Request Tracing
This tool provides customers with a way to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with web applications by capturing the complete trace events for a request and recording them to a log file when the request fails.

URL Rewrite Module
The tool provides a rule-based rewriting mechanism for manipulating requested URLs before they are processed by the web server. This module can make rewriting decisions based on server variables and HTTP headers, and can also handle logic that use regular expressions. In addition, the new module can perform redirects, send custom responses, and abort requests.

IIS Manager Resource Links

"All I can say is that it makes me extremely happy anytime I see someone take advantage of the platform in such interesting ways. Keep up the good work!"
- Carlos Aguilar Mares (Microsoft IIS Team)

"A big "Well Done!" to the folks over at DiscountASP.NET!"
- Rob Cameron, Microsoft Developer Evangelist

"Thanks for being a great partner, DiscountASP.NET!"
Bill Staples Blog Post - Microsoft IIS7 Group Program Manager

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