TFS backups

We perform daily backups of each Team Foundation Server database for our own internal recovery purposes. They are in-place backups that can only be restored on the server. We maintain a five day running cycle of backup files.

Obtaining a copy of our backups

If you would like to request a copy of a backup that you can store or use locally, we offer two options. The first is a copy of the in-place backup mentioned above, which can only be restored to the specific DiscountASP.NET server that hosts the team project collection. The second is a full database backup that can be restored to any properly configured server.

It's important to note that creating a full database backup that you can use locally requires minor downtime for your project, since the team project collection must be detached to create the backup (which is why we cannot automate this type of backup and do it daily). To make a full database backup for local use, we will need to work with you schedule a time when the collection can be taken offline.

Because providing either type of database backups is a manual process, we limit free backup requests to one per month. If you need more than one backup in a given month, we can certainly provide them, however there will be a fee for each additional backup.

To request a backup, log in to the help desk with your TFS Control Panel credentials and open up a support ticket.

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