Managed TFS hosting

TFS on your own dedicated VM that can be tailored to your specific configuration needs. Allows you to accomplish things that aren't possible on shared servers.

Managed Team Foundation Server hosting plan
30 GB disk space (additional space available) Unlimited number of projects
U.S. or European data center TFS 2015, 2013 Update 5, 2012 Update 4, 2010
Server-side customization Reporting and Sharepoint available (optional)
Team Web Access Custom Process Template
Secure Access with HTTPS
Quick Code Edit TFS 2015 Team Project Renaming TFS 2015
Team Room Collaboration TFS 2015, 2013 Bugs displayed in Taskboard TFS 2015
Run Test Plans TFS 2015, 2013 Daily backups
Managed TFS hosting pricing
Hosting environment TFS 2015, 2013 update 5, 2012 update 4, 2010
Data center location U.S. or UK
Free trial No
Minimum number of users 2
Monthly fee (U.S.) Get a price quote
Additional users Get a price quote
Account set up fee Get a price quote
Contract terms Monthly (quarterly/annual options available)
Minimum contract No minimum
Account automatically renews Yes
You do not need to host your web site with DiscountASP.NET, anyone can use our TFS service
Managed TFS add-ons
Build server Get a price quote
Urban Turtle $5 per month per user
Add-ons can be added to your account at any time using the Add-on Manager in the TFS Control Panel
Other services
Migrating from Visual Studio Online to DiscountASP.NET TFS hosting No charge
Visual SourceSafe (VSS) migration* Get a price quote
On-premises TFS to hosted TFS migration* Get a price quote
U.S. to UK or UK to U.S. data center migration* Get a price quote
Shared TFS hosting to Managed TFS migration* $50
*Please note that we require pre-screening and approval for migration services
TFS version upgrade No charge
TeamExpand TFS Timesheet Installation (learn more) Get a price quote
Control Panel features
Secure login
Contact information manager
Password manager
Add-on manager
View billing receipts
Update credit card
TFS user manager
Group membership managers
TFS Build Server manager
Marketplace for special deals
Account cancellation
Support and resources
Technical Support Hours Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm Pacific Time
Guided Tour via Video Conference Contact us to schedule
Support Helpdesk
Shared Desktop Video Support Contact us to schedule
Community Forum
Knowledge Base
Control Panel
TFS-related blog posts