Hosted TFS Build server

Our Team Foundation Build service provides the functionality of a build lab in a hosted environment. With Team Foundation Build, you can synchronize the sources, compile the application and download builds securely.

TFS Build Server add-on

For DiscountASP.NET TFS hosting customers

A fully managed TFS Build Server as an add-on to your TFS hosting. You can add TFS Build Services in the TFS Control Panel Add-on Manager.

Available in our U.S. and UK data centers.

TFS Build-as-a-Service

For those hosting TFS elsewhere

A fully managed standalone TFS Build-as-a-service solution that is customizable and allows for complex customized build environments. Get more information.

Currently available only in our U.S. data center.

Build Definition

With build definition, you are in control of what, when, where and how a build is performed.

Manual - The build will run only when explicitly queued by the user.

Continuous Integration - You define the areas of code that is related to the build and whenever there is a check-in, the build process is triggered.

Rolling Builds - Similar to continuous integration, check-ins will trigger the build process. However, rolling builds batch several check-ins together so that the build server does not get backlogged.

Gated Check-in - To ensure working builds, the gated check-in feature allows the developer to check-in modified code as a shelveset rather than into a version control. The Build Server takes the latest code and merges it with the shelveset and performs the build process. If the build is successful, then changes in the shelveset are checked into source control automatically on the developer's behalf.

Private Builds - Private builds allows the developer to manually queue a build with the latest code merges with their modified shelveset. This is similar to the Gated Check-in, however the shelveset is not automatically checked into source control after a successful build.

Schedule - Builds can be scheduled to be triggered at a particular time - e.g., nightly.

Secure Build download

After a build, the build is available for download via FTP. We only support secure FTP over SSL access to your build files.

Deploy from Build server

After a build, you can deploy your code to anywhere you'd like. As an example, we show how you can deploy from the build server to a DiscountASP.NET web hosting account using Web Deploy.

Build notifications

Build notification can be configured to notify you of various build events.

Windows Workflow

Windows Workflow provides enhanced visual editing experience of the build process.

Enhanced Build deletion options

Team Foundation Server provides many options for which data you desire to delete with the build.