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TFS hosting plan
$20 per user (lower prices for teams of more than 5, see below)
10 GB disk space (additional space available) Unlimited number of projects
U.S. or European data center TFS 2015, 2013 Update 5, 2012 Update 4, 2010
Team Web Access Custom Process Template
Secure Access with HTTPS
Quick Code Edit TFS 2015 Team Project Renaming TFS 2015
Team Room Collaboration TFS 2015, 2013 Bugs displayed in Taskboard TFS 2015
Run Test Plans TFS 2015, 2013 Daily backups
Shared TFS servers (see private server options) 30 day money back guarantee
Team Foundation Server hosting pricing
Hosting environment TFS 2015, 2013 update 5, 2012 update 4, 2010
Data center location U.S. or UK
Free trial 30 days for up to 5 users
Minimum number of users 1
Monthly fee (U.S.) $20 per user for first 5 users
Additional users 6th-10th users: $18 per month per user
11th-20th users: $15 per month per user
21st+ users: $10 per month per user
Account set up fee No charge
Contract terms Monthly (quarterly/annual options available)
Minimum contract No minimum
Account automatically renews Yes
You do not need to host your web site with DiscountASP.NET, anyone can use our TFS service
TFS add-ons
Build server $50 per month (non-refundable $150 set up fee)
Urban Turtle agile project management scrum tool $5 per month per user (TFS 2010 only)
Add-ons can be added to your account at any time using the Add-on Manager in the TFS Control Panel
Other services
Migrating from Visual Studio Online to DiscountASP.NET TFS Hosting* No charge
Visual SourceSafe (VSS) migration* No charge
On-premises TFS to hosted TFS migration* $200
U.S. to UK or UK to U.S. data center migration* $50
Standard TFS hosting to Managed TFS migration* $50
*Please note that we require pre-screening and approval for migration services
TFS version upgrade No charge

DiscountASP.NET supports many versions of TFS

Shared and Managed TFS 2015 hosting is available in our U.S. and UK data centers. Here are a few of the new features and improvements.

Quick Code Edit

Now you have the ability to make quick edits of files right through the web portal. This includes the ability to add, delete and rename files.

Team Project Renaming

This was a big "ask" from the developer community for years and Team Foundation Server now supports renaming of your Team Projects.

Identity Control

The new identity control includes full name, avatar and email address.

Taskboard Enhancement

TFS 2015 brings the option to display bugs on the taskboard.

Customizable Cards

Configuration options now include adding fields and tags.

Backlog Enhancements

Backlog navigation updated to allow improved drill down. Opt-in backlog levels allow you to configure your team members to view the items most relevant to them. Backlog reordering is supported from a filtered backlog. Text filtering on backlogs is supported.

Kanban Board Enhancements

Ability to add new cards and inline editing. Ability to reorder on the Kanban board. Split columns introduced to Kanban board. Ability to create horizontal swimlanes to track different categories of work. Ability to better define what "done" means.

Other Enhancements

Git integration improvements, History control improvements, and Folder history improvements.

Shared and Managed TFS 2013 hosting is available in our U.S. and UK data centers. Here are a few of the features and improvements.

Team Rooms

Team Rooms is a collaboration and discussion platform built right into the IDE. Team Rooms allow developers and stakeholders to discuss issues, share status, track decisions and nurture conversations.

Charting Enhancements

You can visualize progress by charting the results of flat-list queries with the option of several types of charts, such as pie, bar, column, or stacked column, for the same query.

GIT Integration

TFS 2013 has GIT support built in. You can work with new or existing GIT projects. With TFS you get enterprise-grade GIT.

Undockable Windows

TFS 2013 improves usability allowing you to un-dock your Pending Changes, Changeset Details, and Shelveset Details pages from Team Explorer into a new windows.

TFS 2012 hosting is available in our U.S. and UK data centers. Here are a few of the features and improvements.

Continuous delivery

Software development expectations have changed from big monolithic releases to rapid iterations of enhancements. TFS 2012 is built to facilitate these new demands of continuous delivery for the modern application development life cycle.

New look and feel

TFS 2012 has a new look. Both Team Web Access and Team Explorer got a face-lift. Team Web Access is much faster and lighter. Team Explorer has a search box and "my work" and "pending changes" features


TFS 2012 has enhanced agile project planning and management tools to help keep teams focused and keep team members informed. New features include product backlog management, sprint and release planning, team capacity and forecasting management, task board, and real-time visibility into delivery status.

Work as a team

TFS 2012 includes improved tools and work flows to help users and stakeholders provide early and frequent feedback on application functionality. With this type of interaction your developers can deliver the software that satisfy all parties eliminating wasted time and resources.

Increase velocity

TFS 2012 includes tools that help development and operations teams increase and manage their end game velocity in deploying software and helps to reduce MTTR (mean time to repair) in production environments.

TFS 2010 hosting is available in our U.S. and UK data centers. Here are a few of the features and improvements.

Version Control

TFS 2010 offers cutting-edge version control that seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio. With support for branching and merging, shelving, labeling, concurrent checkout/checkin policies and the association of checkins with work items, your development team can flexibly work in their optimal work style.

Work Item/Bug Tracking

TFS 2010 includes an integrated work item tracking system. The work item can consist of requirements, tasks, bugs, and issues. The work item system is also extensible so you can define your own parameters.

Microsoft SPLA Licensing

With TFS 2010, Microsoft changed their licensing model which introduced the TFS Basic and TFS Full skus as well as lowered the Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) licensing fees (which we as a host must pay Microsoft monthly). TFS Basic provides the basic source control and work item tracking. The TFS Full sku adds SharePoint and Reporting. What this change means to you is that the pricing for TFS hosting can be significantly reduced. This allows us to deliver TFS hosting at a much lower rate than was possible with previous TFS versions.

Streamlined Flow of Data

TFS 2010 improves the flow of data across your entire development and project management teams by centralizing the project artifacts repository facilitating in-context collaboration.

Custom Process Templates

Our implementation of TFS 2010 hosting allows you to use existing agile methodology templates including SCRUM or the Microsoft native Agile Methodology, or choose a third party process template, or use your own custom template.

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